Try Christian Counseling Risk-Free

You want to take the first step towards the life of THRIVING you were created for, but it’s intimidating. We understand. It’s important to connect with the counselor that’s right for you. That’s why we make it easy and risk-free

  1. Click the Get Matched button below to schedule a Matching Meeting with one of our Experience Advocates. 
  2. Meet with your Experience Advocate, answer some questions, Get Matched and scheduled with a counselor for a ‘Right For You’ Assessment Meeting. 
  3. Meet with the counselor you matched with for the ‘Right For You’ Assessment Meeting. In this meeting you will get to know the counselor and he or she will get to know you. At the end of this meeting the counselor will make a recommendation for your work together. 

If for any reason your first counselor match didn’t feel right for you, we will match and schedule you, at no additional cost, with a different counselor. If after your second match it still doesn’t feel right for you, we’ll refund 100% of your money. Simple as that. 

You can discontinue counseling at any time and if you want to switch counselors in the future you can do so at no additional cost.

Simply, Easy, and Risk-Free. Get Started today!