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Navigating the Road to Forgiveness

Mending Broken Bonds with Infidelity Counseling

Infidelity can have a catastrophic effect on a marriage, leaving behind devastation and distrust in its wake. The marriage is barely surviving. Our counselors can hold hope for you when you can not on your own. They know the path forward, not only to recovery but on to Thriving!

Our expert counselors provide Christian relationship counseling, specializing in infidelity, affair recovery, pornography and sex addiction. Our services are accessible World-Wide Online. We are trusted by thousands each year because of our 5-Star Personalized Service & Quality Counseling.

  • Has it stopped?
  • Will it start again?
  • Digital, emotional, physical?
  • How often?
  • Where?
  • Who?
  • Is there more I don’t know?
  • Is it over?
  • Do I want it to be over?
  • Is it foolish to trust again?
  • Is forgiveness possible?
  • Is there hope?
We can help...

Christian marriage counseling typically begins with an assessment of the couple’s current relationship and an exploration of the issues that have caused tension. The counselor then helps the couple identify the underlying problems that need to be addressed in order to restore a healthy relationship. Throughout the counseling process, the couple works with the counselor to develop new communication skills, address any unresolved issues, and explore different perspectives.

For couples who are looking for a faith-based approach to marriage counseling, Christian marriage counseling can be an important part of their journey. With the help of a counselor, couples can learn to understand each other’s perspectives, strengthen their communication skills, and discover a deeper connection to God. By taking the time to seek out Christian marriage counseling, couples can gain a better understanding of their relationship and work together to build a healthy, loving marriage.

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Evidence-Based Marriage Counseling

Christian marriage counselors draw on the truths of the Bible and the findings of relationship researchers to help couples have the kind of happiness they dreamed about at their wedding.

At MyCounselor, we use evidence-based marriage strategies from emotion focused therapy (EFT) and others like The Gottman Institute. We frequently provide aftercare for couples that attend marriage workshops and intensives like Focus on the Families Hope Restored and the’s EMS Weekend – both programs we would recommend.

Whatever you’re struggling with, we’ve seen it before. We’ve helped hundreds of other couples find the happiness they were looking for. You can join the ranks of those who say “I wish we would have done this sooner!”

Recent Testimonial

Our marriage has been restored and continues to improve and thrive in spite of my early doubts for a successful resolution.

- Margo S.