Our counselors are real people,
and experts.

The team at MyCounselor are real people who have faced the same kinds of struggles you face. Every one of them has their own counselor and does their own personal work. We believe in practicing what we preach. You can’t lead where you are not willing to go. You can’t give what you don’t have.

Our counselors are also experts in the field who have helped many people facing the same challenges.

  • We only hire around 2% of applicants
  • Require at least a Master’s Degree in Mental Health
  • 2-Year Post-Graduate Residency in Neuroscience Informed Christian Counseling® (NICC)
  • 400+ hours of Continuing Education each year

One of the below counselor could potentially be the one you are matched with when struggling with the following presenting issues...

including depression, anxiety, self-care, and more...

So what's next? It's time to get matched...