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Springfield Office

2131 S Eastgate Ave
Springfield, MO 65809

Kansas City Office

6501 E Commerce Avenue, Suite 140
Kansas City, MO 64120

Denver Office

4901 E Dry Creek Rd, Suite 170
Centennial, CO 80122

San Antonio Office

1931 N.W. Military Hwy, Ste 238
San Antonio, Texas 78213

Phone Line Extensions

Contact a Specific Counselor

TherapistPhone Number
Melissa Abello855-755-3797 x. 3669
Alyssa Bostwick855-755-3797 x. 9081
Greg Cooney 855-755-3797 x. 0120
Sarah Cowan855-755-3797 x. 4952
Mary Faxon855-755-3797 x. 4928
Tish Hedger855-755-3797 x. 1714
Britni Hosick855-755-3797 x. 6437
Emily Hurst855-755-3797 x. 8173
Robbin Jackson855-755-3797 x.6569
Ryenn Yarbrough855-755-3797 x.8697
Lane Jordan855-755-3797 x. 7712
Shaun Lotter855-755-3797 x. 9939
Scott Makin855-755-3797 x. 5406
Carrie McCormick855-755-3797 x. 9823
Jessica Park855-755-3797 x. 4830
Alison Pitts855-755-3797 x. 6349
Tara Riggs855-755-3797 x. 5808
Danielle Schaefer855-755-3797 x. 0932
Josh Spurlock720-306-8992
Paul Stephenson855-755-3797 x. 5298
September Trent855-755-3797 x. 6612
Lacey Wallace855-755-3797 x. 814
Sarah Williams855-755-3797 x. 2639