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Most people and relationships aren’t living up to their potential. They’re just surviving. MyCounselor.Online inspires and empowers you to Thrive, so you can have the life you were created for. 

We provide Christian counseling and resources for mental health & personal development. Thousands trust us each year because of our 5-Star Personalized Service & Quality Counseling, accessible World-Wide Online

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TherapistPhone Number
Melissa Abello855-755-3797 x. 3669
Greg Cooney 855-755-3797 x. 0120
Sarah Cowan855-755-3797 x. 4952
Mary Faxon855-755-3797 x. 4928
Britni Hosick855-755-3797 x. 6437
Emily Hurst855-755-3797 x. 8173
Robbin Jackson855-755-3797 x.6569
Ryenn Yarbrough855-755-3797 x.8697
Scott Makin855-755-3797 x. 5406
Carrie McCormick855-755-3797 x. 9823
Jessica Park855-755-3797 x. 4830
Alison Pitts855-755-3797 x. 6349
Danielle Schaefer855-755-3797 x. 0932
Josh Spurlock720-306-8992
September Trent855-755-3797 x. 6612
Sarah Williams855-755-3797 x. 2639