The Do Over: What if you could revisit the past and mend the wounds inflicted on you?

One of the most common questions I have seen people both in my personal and
professional life wrestle with has been “is selfcare selfish?” As Christians, we often tend to
struggle with not only this question, but an even bigger one, “is selfcare biblical?” We are called
to live sacrificial lives, so how does selfcare fit into that? My hope in this article is to start the
discussion around what exactly is selfcare, what does the Bible have to say about it, and what
are some examples of selfcare.

Strong Relationships and Trauma Counseling

Welcome to another enriching episode of MyCounselorLIVE Strong Relationships and Trauma Counseling! Today, we are privileged to have Christian Therapist Robbin Jackson as our distinguished guest, here to explore the intricate dynamics of relationships and the profound impact they have on our lives.

Trauma: An Overview

Trauma refers to a range of negative experiences that result from physical or psychological harm, or the threat of harm, to oneself or to those we love.

When Combat Trauma Impacts Your Marriage

Military life can be exhilarating with many perks of travel, education, national pride, and financial benefits for the whole family. However, it is not without its share of challenges when service members are called away for training rotations, combat, long work days, missed special occasions, and the many last-minute PCS moves for the whole family.

Sexual Trauma, Erectile Dysfunction, & Vaginismus

Welcome to a candid and enlightening episode of #MyCounselorLIVE! In this installment “Sexual Trauma, Erectile Dysfunction, & Vaginismus”, we had the privilege of sitting down with Licensed Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist, Josh Spurlock, to delve into a collection of topics that touch upon the deeply personal and often stigmatized aspects of human sexuality and mental well-being.

What to Expect in Your Anxiety and Trauma Healing Journey

I’m writing this to the one who has held onto the edge for so long but is afraid to take the first step. To the one who wants to see change but is afraid to hope for the possibility of its reality. It can be a scary thing to begin to think of healing from pain, trauma, and its many effects.