The Do Over: What if you could revisit the past and mend the wounds inflicted on you?

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Posted: March 15, 2024

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No one escapes trauma. Childhood is full of injuries that come from adventure, curiosity and unfortunately people. What if those injuries were life altering? Would you want a redo? Perhaps a better question would be: Are you willing to do the hard work that leads towards healing.

“A traumatic memory can make us feel like the event is happening all over again, causing us to feel the same emotions and bodily sensations, see the same images, and hold the same beliefs about our Self” (Hendel, 84)

This makes it hard for us to live in the present.  Though we may not have named our trauma it influences how we relate to the world. People, places and events are all seen through the lens of past experiences. It is so important to explore what motivates us to do things the way we do them.

The term “Arrested Development” was first used in the medical field to indicate a point in which someone has stopped physically developing. Trauma greatly impacts our emotional growth. As we have increased our curiosity about the human brain and emotions we have uncovered a deeper more complex understanding of the effects trauma has on individuals. Understanding our trauma helps us grow and become healthier.

Our body itself responds to trauma and holds on to that response as a protection. This is something to be grateful for as it is a God given tool for our good and our survival. However, we were never meant to be in bondage to it. Remaining in survival mode has the power to hold us back from living life to its fullest the way God intended (John 10:10). 

“Of all the things trauma takes away from us, the worst is our willingness, or even our ability, to be vulnerable. There’s a reclaiming that has to happen.” (Brown,241 ) 

Are you ready for your do over?  It is not fun to revisit painful memories. It can be excruciating and seemingly unbearable. But what if you were able to revisit the past armed with a superpower that would bring healing to your present self would you do it?  This is what it looks like to reparent your inner child (Levinger). This is what it looks like to take an honest real look at what the younger you needed, reach out and take it.

I am here to tell you it is SO WORTH IT! You are worth it. You are armed with the knowledge that through all the trauma you have made to today, you did not utterly disappear, you are still here. 

Working with a therapist provides a conduit toward healing from past wounds. That healing brings freedom to fully live in the present. This can be done through your willingness to take an honest self inventory of your emotions and explore the why.

You have tools that God has given you to survive. Your body may have shut down for your protection. You may have stored up grit, you may have learned to avoid certain emotions or situations that have kept you physically, emotionally and spiritually alive. Do not dismiss this. 

Be gentle with yourself. You know better than anyone alive what all you have endured in life. There is no one other than the Creator Himself who is better able to help you heal. You have already made it this far. Reach out to a trusted source to do the needed work of healing.  Be willing to do the do over!

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