Calling the Play by Play: A Strategy for Improving Marital Communication

This question is for the sports fans out there:  have you ever had to settle for listening to the game on the radio rather than getting to watch the action on the big screen?  Though watching the game on TV can be exciting, for me, there is something about hearing every moment called out in real time that adds to the level of excitement.   It requires a different level of focus, which often highlights details that you might miss otherwise.  There is something about naming every movement that requires us to stay in the moment, forcing us to forget about the last play that went wrong or what might happen next.   Calling the play-by-play requires a level of presence that can enhance the overall experience, and when applied to marriage, it serves as a game changer in navigating difficult conversations.  

Transforming Social Anxiety

Anxiety can surface in many forms such as fear of the future, fear of failure, worry about the well being of your loved ones. But I wanted to laser in on one area of anxiety which surfaces in social situations and is characterized by the fears of being evaluated in a negative or critical manner by others, causing angst and avoidance of social situations.

What To Expect When You Begin Sex Therapy at MyCounselor.Online

Coming to the painful realization that the sexual part of your marriage is not what you dreamed of or expected is devastating on its own, but not knowing what to do or who to go to for help leaves you feeling alone and broken. My desire is this article will relieve your aloneness and help with the confidence you need to reach out and schedule your first sex therapy session TODAY!

Selfcare: Is it Selfish?

One of the most common questions I have seen people both in my personal and
professional life wrestle with has been “is selfcare selfish?” As Christians, we often tend to
struggle with not only this question, but an even bigger one, “is selfcare biblical?” We are called
to live sacrificial lives, so how does selfcare fit into that? My hope in this article is to start the
discussion around what exactly is selfcare, what does the Bible have to say about it, and what
are some examples of selfcare.