Why am I noticing Grief as I Plan for my Wedding Day?

When your face hurts from smiling as you think about your special day and your countdown gets smaller and smaller you start to notice something new come up inside of you… sadness. Wait what?? Sadness?? NO!! Why am I sad?! This “should” be the happiest day of my life? My wedding day! As fear starts to creep into your mind and you notice this new feeling emerge, you wonder: “Is this normal…?”

Four things you should tell your daughter about the female body

Frequently, discussions about our bodies either don’t occur or are filled with shame and confusing metaphors. Many women grow up without understanding their bodies and the incredible way God designed us to experience our cycles, sexual pleasure, and sometimes pregnancy. I hope these five tips will assist those beginning conversations with their daughters about their bodies and also those who long to learn more about their own bodies and the amazing creator behind it all.