Emotions: A Brief Introduction

Some of the most common things I hear as a counselor are “I am just not an emotional person,” “ I don’t know what to do with my emotions” or “I don’t know how to feel and talk about my emotions.”

Selfcare: Is it Selfish?

One of the most common questions I have seen people both in my personal and
professional life wrestle with has been “is selfcare selfish?” As Christians, we often tend to
struggle with not only this question, but an even bigger one, “is selfcare biblical?” We are called
to live sacrificial lives, so how does selfcare fit into that? My hope in this article is to start the
discussion around what exactly is selfcare, what does the Bible have to say about it, and what
are some examples of selfcare.

Anxiety vs. Stress

When I sit with my clients something that I often hear is “I’m not sure if this is anxiety or if this is stress due to my circumstances.” The question is, how do we know if we have anxiety or if we are struggling with a stressful situation.

Sitting With a Loved One in Their Grief

Watching someone you love grieve is an incredibly difficult space to find yourself in. I often hear things like “I just don’t know what to say” or “what can I even do to help them?” Hopefully in this article I can provide some insight into how to sit with your loved ones in their grief.

Grief: It’s Never the Same

How does one even being to explain grief? It can often feel so deep and so large that no words seem to accurately depict the process or the experience of grief.