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Sharon says, “We’ve been married for a year. Sex wasn’t perfect when it all started, but it was getting better. Four miscarriages later, and I can’t orgasm at all.”

Read more to find out what Josh Spurlock, Counselor & Sex Therapist, says about how anxiety and depression can prevent orgasm after miscarriage, and how sex therapy can bring healing.


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Welcome to MyCounselor Online. I’m Tori, and this is Asking for a Friend. In this video, we’re sitting down with Sex Therapist Josh Spurlock to talk about troubleshooting orgasm difficulties after miscarriage. Stay tuned.

Josh Spurlock on Orgasm Difficulty After Miscarriage

First of all, my heart breaks with you. It’s a really difficult thing to be going through miscarriages. There’s a lot of silent sorrow that goes along with that. And typically, not a lot of people know what you’re going through, and are able to share that with you. And so know that my heart hurts for you, and I pray that you’re able to find help with navigating the grief surrounding this.

Anxiety & Stress Preventing Orgasm After Miscarriage

Let’s talk about what might be happening with the orgasms in your sex life.

There’s a few different things that could play into a situation like this. For one, there can be an emotional component around the stress of getting pregnant. With each miscarriage that we have, there’s anxiety and stress that comes along with that, which can create fear and anxiety for us around getting pregnant. That fear of having another miscarriage can actually become a distraction for us, which makes it difficult to be present emotionally when connecting sexually. This can really inhibit your ability to experience orgasm. 

Depression & Antidepressants Preventing Orgasm After Miscarriage

There could also be an element of depression that you’re experiencing. There’s a lot of grief that can come with miscarriages. As you’re processing through that grief, you could be experiencing some depression, which can inhibit organisms. You might also be treating depression related to the miscarriages with an SSRI, or an antidepressant, which oftentimes have side effects of inhibiting orgasms.

Sex Therapy for Orgasm Difficulty

There’s a variety of different things that could be happening that are getting in the way for you. Your best bet is to connect with a sex therapist that can get a thorough history, and ask the right questions to narrow down which of those scenarios might be the best fit.

We want for you to be able to have a healthy sexual relationship with your husband. Whatever it is, we can figure out what’s happening there, and be able to troubleshoot it, to get you back on track and able to enjoy that connection again.


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