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Nathaniel Nevedal is a resident counselor at MyCounselor.Online. He is working on becoming a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) in the state of Texas. 

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Nathaniel is a Resident Counselor. He specializes in individual, marriage, and family therapy.

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A Note from Nathaniel

My ideal client would be an individual or couple that seek to discover more love for themselves and their partner. We are social spiritual beings, and it is so important to understand that at the core we were created in love in order to match that love with another. In order to balance our lives, we must come to terms that through love we will find the union and peace we seek. First knowing that this love must start within us. My clients begin to understand that this journey can begin right when we meet. The struggles of life shake our lives, but the first step is knowing love is real and it just needs to awaken in our lives again. My ideal clients usually feel love has stepped away and wish to find it once more within themselves. For we all were created in love and our original design still is to be the image of love. My spirit burst with compassion while helping my clients find that same love within themselves. My clients find out that they are not alone, and we are on this journey together, locked as one in spirit, faith, and hope towards the goals we set forth.

My specialties focus on opening up the heart of an individual so that they may release unwanted desires, shame, and guilt in order to manifest their greater spiritual connection towards what God has planned in their life. My style comes from an open heart of curiosity and compassion. Far from the place of judgment and more towards the knowledge of knowing that individuals are born with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Helping awaken the hearts within individuals and couples so that their minds understand they can be forgiven in order to walk as originally designed.

God blessed me in knowing what it takes to be a father. One unique factor I bring to the table is whole-heartedly knowing what it takes to walk a path so that your child can see the image of love within their parent. God has blessed me with knowing His love and allowing that same grace to fill my heart so that my son knows what a loving father is here on earth. This gift from God I feel is a special blessing that I freely give to parents that struggle with life choices when it comes to their children. I see us all as God’s children and He has blessed me with also seeing from the perspective of a loving father, not a parent of judgment.


We are encouraged and hopeful for the future with Nathaniel. His empathy, Godly guidance, and compassion is unmatched from our previous experience in counseling.

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