What’s in Your Basement?

We all have a hidden space in our lives, like a basement, where we store wounds we’d rather keep hidden. It might hold painful memories or feelings of guilt, shame, and regret. It’s a scary place, one we’d typically avoid sharing with others. However, I believe God didn’t intend for us to face this alone. He wants us to invite someone in to walk with us through the darkness.

Navigating Sexual Desire As a Widow

Patricia says, “My husband went to heaven three years ago. We had sex 1-3 times a day. I want that again, but I’m not married.” Read more to find out what Josh Spurlock, Counselor & Sex Therapist, says about grieving the loss of your lover, navigating sexual desire as a widow, and how to lean on trusted friends in your life as you grieve.

Boundaries, Loneliness, Depression, & Postpartum

Welcome to a live and empathetic episode of #MyCounselorLIVE “Boundaries, Loneliness, Depression, & The Postpartum Season” where we come together to engage in candid conversations that address a spectrum of questions and concerns, guided by the expertise of Licensed Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist, Josh Spurlock.