What’s in Your Basement?

We all have a hidden space in our lives, like a basement, where we store wounds we’d rather keep hidden. It might hold painful memories or feelings of guilt, shame, and regret. It’s a scary place, one we’d typically avoid sharing with others. However, I believe God didn’t intend for us to face this alone. He wants us to invite someone in to walk with us through the darkness.

Sitting With a Loved One in Their Grief

Watching someone you love grieve is an incredibly difficult space to find yourself in. I often hear things like “I just don’t know what to say” or “what can I even do to help them?” Hopefully in this article I can provide some insight into how to sit with your loved ones in their grief.

Grief: It’s Never the Same

How does one even being to explain grief? It can often feel so deep and so large that no words seem to accurately depict the process or the experience of grief.

When You Have Lost A Lot Of Friends

Nick has lost many friends in the past years due to them choosing to spend their time elsewhere. His small childhood church is also on a decline and few folks attend who are his age.

Navigating Sexual Desire As a Widow

Patricia says, “My husband went to heaven three years ago. We had sex 1-3 times a day. I want that again, but I’m not married.” Read more to find out what Josh Spurlock, Counselor & Sex Therapist, says about grieving the loss of your lover, navigating sexual desire as a widow, and how to lean on trusted friends in your life as you grieve.