Marriage Counselling: Five pillars to keep your love alive.

Nobody can predict the future. We enter marriage with the best of intentions to “love and to hold…in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish.” Yet we know, how easy it is to become derailed and find ourselves experiencing pain, hurt and disappointment. So, how do we keep the embers of love burning?

Calling the Play by Play: A Strategy for Improving Marital Communication

This question is for the sports fans out there:  have you ever had to settle for listening to the game on the radio rather than getting to watch the action on the big screen?  Though watching the game on TV can be exciting, for me, there is something about hearing every moment called out in real time that adds to the level of excitement.   It requires a different level of focus, which often highlights details that you might miss otherwise.  There is something about naming every movement that requires us to stay in the moment, forcing us to forget about the last play that went wrong or what might happen next.   Calling the play-by-play requires a level of presence that can enhance the overall experience, and when applied to marriage, it serves as a game changer in navigating difficult conversations.