Body Positivity and Body Neutrality

Body positivity is a widely used term in society and on social media, with numerous posts dedicated to this movement across platforms. It involves accepting and loving your body regardless of its appearance. Conversely, body neutrality is gaining popularity, focusing on accepting the body for its functionality rather than its appearance. While body positivity emphasizes loving one’s body regardless of how it looks, body neutrality appreciates the body for what it can do.

God’s Truth About Identity

Who am I…really? Figuring out who you are is the significant task of life we call – Identity Development. But… if you don’t understand who God, your creator, says you are – You will struggle with identity issues.

Identity problems cause all sorts of insecurities that carry into adulthood.

Single Sexuality

Very rarely is sexuality discussed in churches, especially in a singles environment. I think it would be helpful to explore what God’s vision for sex is, and what that means for Christians…

Anxiety: Understanding Its Biology

Do you know what it feels like when you have anxiety? Probably so. But do you know why you feel anxiety symptoms or what to do to help your anxiousness? You will after you read this article!