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Faithful Foundations: Marital Coaching Program

Embark on a 12 Week Journey to Deepen Connection & Communication

MyCounselor is partnering with Created for Connection, we understand the ever-growing list of struggles married couples face includes the hardship they encounter in finding the help they need.

Communication Problems:
Lack of effective communication can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.

Financial Stress:
Disagreements over money, like budgeting and financial priorities can strain a marriage.

Intimacy Issues:
Challenges related to physical and emotional intimacy may impact the relationship.

Parenting Conflicts:
Differences in parenting styles or decisions can create tension between couples.

Trust and Infidelity:
Trust issues, especially infidelity, can severely damage the foundation of a marriage.

Lack of Quality Time:
Busy schedules may result in couples spending less time together, affecting the connection.

The Marital Coaching Program, offers a structured and evidence-based approach to enhancing marital communication.

This program is meant to help couples experiencing issues with marital communication, infidelity, and sex therapy. It lays a strong foundation for effective communication, crucial for addressing these challenges.

Created for connection book

Course Content Taken from Created for Connection Guide Purchase Here.

Walking Together:
What Does The Program Offer?

This program is a comprehensive care approach, offering different levels of care tailored to individual needs, with the goal of increasing overall-access to mental health resources.

8 Chapters in 12 Weeks

  • Intro: Understanding Love & Attachment
  • Recognizing the Demon Dialogues
  • Finding the Raw Spots
  • Revisiting a Rocky Moment
  • Hold Me Tight
  • Forgiving Injuries
  • Bonding Through Sex & Touch
  • Keeping Your Love Alive

Additional Content

  • Insightful video clips from relationship and attachment science experts
  • Teaching directly from Dr. Sue Johnson
  • Videos of couples working through their own versions of the 7 relationship-changing conversations
  • & Check-In Quizzes to gauge progress
Embark on this transformative journey with the guide & support of our dedicated Marital Coaches at an incredibly affordable rate—just $252 every 4 weeks. That's roughly the cost of a session with our Certified Counselor/Therapists. Invest in your relationship without breaking the bank!
Ready to Sign Up?

The next step is setting up a Free Matching Meeting in order to be connected with one of our Marital Coaches & answer any questions you may have about the course.

Matching Meeting to sign up for marital counseling program
Here are a few FAQs

First Steps?

Upon signing up, clients are directed to purchase the "Created for Connection" book and register for the online program. The first session is an orientation to guide you through the course materials, set up homework, and ensure you have the necessary resources.

Coach vs. Counselor Expertise?

Coaches guide clients through a predefined curriculum created by experts, which is different from counseling where the counselor's individual expertise is applied to create a tailored treatment plan.

Scheduling & Cancellations?

You will receive a scheduling link to arrange sessions, which can be flexible based on your availability and progress with homework. Our cancellation policy will be provided along with a link to the form within your personalized account our Matching Specialist will create for you.