Amy Bark


Amy holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from Michigan State University. She is a  Licensed Master’s Social Worker holding her license in Michigan

National Provider Identifier: 1346029972

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$252/per month

Counselor Competency

Counselors with the training, supervision, and experience to know how to help.

MyCounselor.Online has as its aim to be the gold standard in faith-based mental health. Our counselors are required to have undergraduate studies in theology, practical ministry, or psychology and have completed a graduate (master’s) degree in mental health (professional counseling, clinical social work, marriage & family therapy, etc.). 

  • We only hire around 2% of applicants
  • Require at least a Master’s Degree in Mental Health
  • 2-Year Post-Graduate Residency in Neuroscience Informed Christian Counseling® (NICC)
  • 400+ hours of Continuing Education each year

After submitting an application package that includes transcripts, references, and video responses to a structured interview, qualified candidates are invited into a multi-stage interview process. During the process candidates will meet with clinical supervisors, perform a mock therapy session, and participate in a training with the MyCounselor.Online clinical team. If advanced from the final interview with the Director of Clinical Services, candidates are offered a position on the clinical team and matriculated into the MyCounselor.Online residency. 

During residency counselors complete multiple rotations of clinical training and experience with specific populations, including individuals, couples, families, and teens. Specifically, residents are trained in the MyCounselor.Online proprietary model of care: Neuroscience Informed Christian Counseling® (NICC) as applied in practice with various presenting issues.  

The thorough training our counselors receive in a broad array of specialized rotations equips them to address counseling concerns ranging from the common to the complex.

Residency Training Rotations

RotationPresenting Issues
 Individual: Trauma-Informed Care 
Trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, stress & burnout, grief, aloneness, shame, insecurity, self-esteem, addictions, friendships, work dissatisfaction, eating disorders, self-harm, suicidal ideation, childhood sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, spiritual stagnation
Couples: De-escalation & Attachment Bond Restructuring
Communication, trust, parenting, money, in-laws, expectations, roles
Couples: Sex Therapy
Sexless marriages, pain disorders, arousal disorders, desire differences
Couples: Sexual Addiction & Infidelity Recovery 
Porn & sex addiction, sexual affairs, emotional affairs
Couples: Dating & Premarital 
Premarital, family of origin concerns, relational expectations, commitment difficulties, compatibility questions, conflict resolution, wedding stressors, friend group conflicts
Family & Teen IssuesDivorced & blended family dynamics, teen development issues
Group Therapy DynamicsGroup work across a variety of focus areas
Personal Development CoachingCoaching for personal and professional development

The Proof

A Note from Amy

I am so glad that you have made it to this space, and it shows that you have resilience, that you want more, and you know that you may need someone to assist you in this process. I want you to know that before I have even met you, that you have been prayed for and are already deeply loved!

My heart is to serve any client bound by shame, whether that be a drug addiction, sexual addiction, infidelity, victims of sexual abuse, or any of the multitude of ways the devil can keep you trapped feeling unworthy of the love of God. 

I want to provide a safe place for my individual clients, where you say things you never wanted to say out loud, confess things you never thought you would tell anyone and bright to light things that are so deep inside that they continue to weigh you down. 

I want to walk alongside you as you reinvent and push yourself as you grow in the love and mercy of Jesus Christ our Lord. This is your time, this is your moment, this is your rescue story! 

What can you expect in therapy with me? Great question! I have to say that I am genuine, what you get is what you see, sometimes that is great, sometimes I can be a little awkward (I am still working through this). I love to laugh and don’t take myself too seriously.  

I am naturally an enthusiast, I want to get to the finish line, I want to see lasting change. This may require you to be stretched and pushed outside of your comfort zone but in the most loving and safe way. I don’t care how many “setbacks” you have, or how long this process takes, I want to provide a safe place, that is judgment free, where you feel heard, seen and most of all loved!