Asking For a Friend

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Asking for a “friend”…

We all have… “friends” who have questions. They’re too embarrassed to ask the questions for themselves, but they’re really curious what a professional Christian counselor has to say. You can help them out here by asking the question for them.

Use the form below to ask the question, and then put in your email address to receive the reply answer in our weekly email. Then you can be the Rock Star with right answer when you forward it to your friend. You’re welcome 🙂

  • We'll put the answer to your friends question in our weekly email and send it to you, then you can forward it to your friend 🙂

    **You'll be emailed a confirmation email with the subject line "MyCounselor.Online Articles: Please Confirm Subscription", make sure that you confirm your email otherwise you won't receive the answer. -This prevents SPAM, which we all hate!-


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