Understanding Counseling Fee Structures

Counseling fees are determined by the training and experience of the counselor. Generally speaking, the more training and experience the higher the fee. Direct hours refer to the number of hours of therapy a clinician has completed. The more direct hours a therapist completes the more clinical experience they have to draw from when counseling.

Direct Hours of Experience

A counselor who see’s clients for a few hours a week, say 4 hours one night a week, will gain around 200 hours of experience a year. A counselor averaging 24 hours a week will gain 1,200 hours of experience in the same amount of time.

Across five years of practice the counselor with over 6,000 hours of therapy completed will be more skilled than one with 1,000. The number of years a counselor has been practicing is far less important than the number of direct hours experience the therapist has. 

After 5 Years in Practice…

4 Direct Hours per Week
24 Direct Hours per Week
1, 000 hours experience
6, 000 hours experience

Fee Transparency

MyCounselor is a completely self supported independent counseling practice. We are not underwritten by any organizations and thus must fund our complete budget through the counseling fees we collect. To ensure we are financially viable we must have fiscal policies and procedures that keep us financially sound. This lets us continue to provide services to those we serve. 

Budget Category
Fiscal Function 
Total Income to the Practice
Cost of Goods (COG)
Gross Clinician Compensation, Pay to Therapists, Employment Taxes & Fees
Operations Expenses
Cost of rent, utilities, insurance, administrative support, accounting, management, advertising & promotion, continuing education & team building, recruiting, software
Net Profit
Fund growth, capital improvements (new furniture & equipment), pay off debt, distribute a return on equity/capital invested, charitable contributions, taxes.
Counselor Compensation 
On average our Master’s Degree counselors complete around 1,000 sessions a year, with an average pay of $60 per session, for an average annual gross compensation of $60,000. 

Tiers of Experience

Watch this video on Youtube.

Direct Hours
Tier 2
280- 1,200
 Masters in Counseling
Tier 3
1,200- 5,000
Masters in Counseling
Tier 4
5,000- 10,000
Doctorate or Advanced Certifications
Tier 5
Doctorate or Advanced Certifications
*Tier 1 – Our least experienced, and therefore lowest fee, counselors can be accessed through our online clinic – FreeChristianCounseling.Online – There you’ll receive 1 Free session (no risk/no strings) and reduced fee counseling for $45/session.
*All first-time appointments will be charged a non-refundable one-time $30 assessment and setup fee at the time of scheduling.                 
Tier 1 & 2
Like a physician finishing medical school, professional counselors engage a two year “residency” period where they practice under the oversight of an experienced therapists. It’s during this provisionally licensed period that the classroom learning gets developed into the art of helping real people. 
Our Tier 1 & 2 clinicians have between 280-1,200 hours of therapy experience under the supervision of seasoned clinicians. You benefit from their “residency” period by receiving professional counseling at a discounted rate. 
Tier 3
Tier 3 clinicians have finished their “residency” and are fully state licensed. They generally have 1,200-5,000+ hours of clinical experience with a variety of different counseling concerns. 
Tier 4 & 5
Our most experienced clinicians have their master’s degree and post-graduate a doctorate or  advanced certifications, with 5,000-10,000+ hours of clinical experience.

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