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Receive Counseling From Top Rated Marriage Therapists to improve
communication, reconcile after an affair, and improve your sex life.
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Struggling in your marriage? You’re not alone.

You were planning on “happily ever after”, but that’s proving more difficult than you thought it was going to be. Maybe you’re facing an emotional affair, sexual infidelity, pornography or sex addiction. Maybe you’ve been walking the hard journey of infertility. Or maybe, you are struggling with physical intimacy, or need to improve communication. Whatever you’re facing, healing is possible. 

Know that you don’t have to do this alone. In fact, you shouldn’t. The Bible tells us that wise counsel can be the difference between failure and success Why not set your marriage up for the greatest chance of success and reach out for help? As professional counselors, we’ve spent our careers studying the challenges that face couples and learning how to successfully overcome them. Let us come alongside you and help navigate you through the journey towards healing. 

Rebuild Trust

Learn to forgive, heal from betrayal, and trust again. It is possible. Our marriage counselors can show you how.

Manage Conflict

Tired of having the same fights again and again? Learn how to resolve conflict, for real, no-losers style.

Strengthen Intimacy

Marriage is supposed to be full of sexual passion and mutual fulfillment. Not yours? We can fix that.

Improve Communication

Don’t feel heard or understood? Avoid conflict like the plague for fear of a shouting match? Let’s learn to talk.

Meet our Kansas City Counselors

Jesse Masson
Meet Jesse

My approach in counseling is to be competent, compassionate, and collaborative for your treatment and success. I hold a Christian worldview and see myself as a ‘broken healer’ who can relate to you from personal life experiences, as well as professional training.

Tish Hedger
Meet Tish

My passion is to journey alongside individuals and help them experience a sense of empowerment, hope, and relief from their pain. I am positioned to equip my clients with practical tools and solutions that translate into their felt change.

Aliuwa Abali
Meet Aliuwa

I am passionate about seeing individuals live out their God-given design and purpose. All too often this gets thwarted due to hurts, disappointments, betrayal, and confusion, among other distressing emotions which occur in life. I am simply here as a conduit of healing and restoration in any season of life that you currently find yourself.

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