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Are you in despair? Many of the people who come to see me are. They have tried everything they can think of to overcome their depression, anxiety, or eating disorder. Therapy is a last resort. Most are desperate for healing. It is very difficult to face “I may not overcome this issue without help.” That’s where I come in. It’s important to me that you know I care about you and the difficulties you are facing. Having walked with so many on a similar journey, I understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. Most importantly, I know how to help you heal.

The path to healing is not an easy one. It starts with acknowledging the hurt and the injuries that cause the hurt. This can be scary. My job is to be a knowledgeable and supportive guide as you work through the hurts that hold you back. Though you may feel alone, you never have to be alone.

Caring for others has always been a gift and a passion of mine. I felt called into the field of psychology while in high school and more specifically therapy while in my undergraduate work. God has provided me with the gift to empathize with you as well as provided me the opportunity to obtain the education necessary to help you. It is my calling to show God’s love through serving you.

I know it is very hard to ask for help when experiencing any type of personal difficulty. I understand how vulnerable you feel. I care about the issues you are experiencing, and I know how to walk you down the path of healing. If you are ready to start the journey, I would love to hear from you.

Eating Disorders Counseling

Battling an eating disorder is not something that can be easily overcome. Whether you battle with over eating, under eating, or purging, I have walked with individuals down the path of healing. I understand that it takes great courage to face an eating disorder head on. I also understand that eating disorders can seem so difficult because you cannot simply give up food, even if you would like to.

Depression & Anxiety Counseling

Depression can seem like a fog with no way out. Anxiety leaves you feeling like you’re always on edge. With both depression and anxiety, it can seem that there is nothing that can help. You may not even have the motivation to get help. I have worked with many individuals who struggle with these same issues. There is hope, and there is help.

Self-Harm Counseling

Learning your child is suffering from self-harm can be very scary. Having worked with many parents in this situation, I can help you walk through getting help for your child. For those who self-harm, it can feel like the only way to feel emotion or run away from emotion. It can be terrifying to continue cutting for fear of severely hurting yourself. It can also be difficult to imagine coping with life without cutting. It is possible to seek help and find healing. I work with individuals every day that experience these same emotions.

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