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Partner Program
We Partner with Churches (Partner Program)

By providing on-demand, expert help from counselors who love Jesus and His church. We partner with ministries, pastors and churches by effectively adding specialists to your ministry team. Our team includes professionally trained, trauma-informed therapists specializing in counseling staff and congregants with complex emotional, mental, and relational problems. Those we will partner with will receive:

Highly Trained Professionals

Only the top 2% of applicants make it onto our team and we invest into their further training. All of our therapists are licensed mental health counselors and are clinically supervised. Our therapeutic model is based on the Bible and the most recent learning about neuroscience and trauma.

Counselor Matching

We use a matching meeting process to help an individual or couple get connected with the therapist who can help them the most. Many of our therapists have specialty certifications in marriage, depression, anxiety, addiction, sex, gender identity, and many other presenting issues a person might have.

Breakthrough and Thriving

People experiencing counseling from your church or ministry with a MyCounselor therapist will receive theologically sound advice from therapists who love Jesus. This leads to the potential of true healing, transformation and thriving.

We Offer Training (Partnering with Counselors)

MyCounselor offers continuing education training with leaders in the field to give you the further tools and knowledge you need to see exponential growth in your career.

As a counselor, continued education units are always on your mind.We welcome all counselors and help professionals seeking to continue their clinical skill development.

MyCounselor offers high-quality, fun training opportunities for counselors that fit conveniently into one-day training blocks without requiring you to give up family time on the weekend. Courses vary in focus and include expert trainers in their respective fields.

All of our training sessions qualify for state licensure CE requirements! Upon completion of sessions, participants electing to receive CE credit will be provided a certificate verifying attendance for documentation. Some courses also count towards specific field certifications.

This online course allows you to Zoom in from within the comfort of your own home on the training dates and times listed down below. For most sessions, the On-Demand video of the training will be available following the training date, including On-Demand access to each training for 1-Year following each training.

We Offer Training
Evidence-Based Therapy (Neuroscience Informed Christian Counseling)

The aim of Neuroscience Informed Christian Counseling® (NICC) is to help people experience mental health wellness, using methods developed from the study of neuroscience and theology, doing so with accountability to high standards of excellence in practice.

NICC is largely a translational and integrative model. Building on and emerging from well-developed and researched models of therapy and Biblical soul care wisdom practiced for millennia. The result is a distinctly Christian clinical model articulated precisely for training, supervision, and research.

Interested in learning more about NICC? Visit our NICC page below.

Strong Families
Partners For Strong Families

Josh and Cassie Spurlock founded Partners For Strong Families in 2011 with a conviction that families are the building blocks of society. Strengthen families and you strengthen the whole community. This belief has been a driver for Josh and Cassie their entire married life. Professionally Josh has spent his career as a marriage counselor helping families stay intact and parents be able to model healthy relationships for their children. As a family Josh and Cassie have served the community as foster parents for over 50 kids, and adopting 5 along the way.

Since 2011, Partners For Strong Families, through a strategic partnership with Paraclete Ministry Group LLC, dba MyCounselor, has served over 2,500 families, with more than 30,000 hours of counseling, granting over $500,000 in scholarships. Since its inception in 2011, PFSF has been focused on serving communities in southwest Missouri. In 2017 an initiative was launched to expand counseling services nation wide through MyDevice video counseling sessions and Access-points.

Our goal is that every family earnestly desiring to be stronger can access excellent help in doing so regardless of their location or ability to pay fully for their counseling.

Please consider partnering with us to make this dream a reality!

Join the Network (A Counselor Directory)

Christian Counselors Network is here to help you with all the resources and support you need to find the right counselor.

Christian Counseling means different things depending on who you ask. To understand the differences you’ll need to understand some terminology for comparison sake. Below you’ll find a chart listing some of the leading Christian counseling resources followed by an explanation of the differnt points of comparison.

A key difference between counselor resources is whether they are a “Practice” or a “Directory”. Practices actually provide Christian therapy services whereas directories are only a listing of counselors. It is important to know the difference. Counseling practices have more control over the counseling that you receive whereas networks only control the screening process for their directory listings. When you connect with a counselor through a directory you really do not know much about how the counselor practices counseling, only that they meet the criteria of the network to be listed.

Join the network
Wellness Influencer Program

We partner with online influencers who are able to provide counseling discounts to their followers who could really benefit from connecting with a counselor. If you are an influencer and are interested in becoming an MCO Wellness Influencer, we invite you to apply.

Affiliate Program

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