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  • B.A. Biblical Languages
  • Masters in Counseling
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
    • Missouri
    • Colorado
  • Certified Sex Therapist (CST)
  • Ordained Minister

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Are you reading this because life is not going as you planned or hoped for? Do you not feel right or is your relationship way more stressful than it should be? Welcome! I am glad you are here taking the time to research how things can be different. Better.

You’ve come to the right place. Every week I work with individuals and couples, just like you, who are overwhelmed and fed up with the way things are. Together we can identify the blocks that are keeping you from the life you long for and discover the path that will get you where you want to be.

Counseling can help you understand why you feel the way you do or why there is so much conflict in your relationship. It can offer practical strategies for reducing conflict, anxiety, and depression. I’ll help you gain insight into the dynamics of your relationships and learn how to communicate in ways that let you be heard.

In session we will sort through the most confusing, complex, frustrating, issues you’re facing and come up with workable solutions. It won’t be easy, but you won’t be alone. You also won’t have to reinvent the wheel. Since I help hundreds of people every year with situations similar to yours, I know how to avoid the pitfalls and what the fastest route to your destination is.

Marriage Counseling Philosophy & Approach

God intended marriage to be thoroughly enjoyable, more days than not, until we part from our spouse at death. Unfortunately, for many, this isn’t the case. I work with couples who want to figure out why they aren’t enjoying each other and their marriage and how to fix it. I experience a high degree of success with couples who are both willing to work to see things improve.

Sex Therapy Philosophy & Approach

Sex is God’s idea. He intends for the sexual part of our life to be incredibly enjoyable, full of passion, and revealing of His character. For a great many people, however, sex / sexuality is a source of frustration, confusion, pain, and disappointment. As a Certified Sex Therapist with the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists (ABCST), I help individuals and couples troubleshoot their sexual difficulties and find solutions that bring peace and satisfaction in a God honoring way.

Affair Recovery Philosophy & Approach

Few things in life are more painful or difficult to heal from than the deep sense of betrayal that comes from a spouse’s infidelity. Deciding whether or not to heal and restore a marriage or end it after such a betrayal can be an overwhelming process, with enormous consequences. Living out the decision is equally as challenging. I help couples sort through the important considerations and navigate the path they choose.

I founded MyCounselor Online in 2007 to be a place where families and individuals could find help that is both clinically sharp and true to the Bible. My conviction is that this approach we call integrative therapy brings together the very best insights clinical research has produced and the timeless principles of Scripture that have the power to transform lives.

Intent on bringing these two disciplines together in more than a superficial way, I completed an undergraduate in Biblical Languages (consisting of 3 years of Greek and 2 years of Hebrew) and a Masters in Counseling. My theological studies equipped me to deeply understand the Bible, its principles, and its message. My studies in counseling taught me how to understand people and the challenges they face in a comprehensive way.

In the therapy room I rely on the Holy Spirit to help me integrate the two areas of study together in a way that brings about healing and growth for the individuals, couples, and families I serve.

Hear from our clients


  • Our marriage was so horrible we thought Josh Spurlock would surely give us the green light that there was no hope and encourage us to go our separate ways. At least that’s what a previous counselor in town had told me to do. Instead, Josh used biblical principles to bring hope into a very dark, bleak situation. We saw Josh on and off for approximately three years. It took a lot of work to have the marriage we do today, but it was worth every penny and every session we attended with Josh. Josh is a phenomenal counselor. It was easy to even talk about those embarrassing, tough topics with him. God really used The Relationship Center[MyCounselor.Online] to restore our marriage. Anything is possible when you’re willing to get help, implement what you’re being taught, and add Christ as the third party in your relationship. Instead of being a single Mom to three kids, I now have the marriage I only thought existed if I was with someone else. It really is unbelievable.

    Jackie W
  • I would like to thank Josh for his help in building a strong biblical foundation in our marriage. It is normal to experience situations that cause difficulties in your marriage, but having the courage to step out and ask for help from a faith centered therapist such as Josh can help ensure that God’s plan for your marriage is revealed. Josh Spurlock is a true man of faith that honestly cares about your marriage and is committed to taking a biblical approach to therapy in an effort to equip you with the tools that are essential for continued success and years of mutual understanding and happiness.

    Kirk P

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