Strong Families Scholarship

At MyCounselor.Online, our heart is for everyone to have access to help, regardless of their financial circumstances. That’s why we have formed a strategic relationship with Partners For Strong Families to provide the Strong Families Scholarship to anyone who needs it.

Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Strong Families Scholarship?

The Strong Families Scholarship is available to anyone who needs it!

What does the Strong Families Scholarship cover?

The Strong Families Scholarship covers 100% of the Assessment & Matching fee and your first session, so your first month’s Resident membership (including 2 sessions) is just $55. The scholarship also includes the next 2 months of Resident Membership (including 4 sessions) at a 50% reduction, $110/month. In total, you will receive 1 Free Session and 5 sessions at a 50% reduced cost ($55/session).

Strong Families Scholarship Resident Membership
– Month 1 – 1 Free session + 1 50% Reduced Fee (includes 2 sessions) $55
– Month 2 – 50% Scholarship (includes 2 sessions) $110
– Month 3 – 50% Scholarship (includes 2 sessions) $110
– Month 4 and following – Regular Resident Membership Rate (2 sessions) – $220

*Each monthly (4-week) billing cycle includes 2 sessions with a Resident counselor. Additional sessions may be scheduled and purchased at the regular Resident member rate of $110 per session.

What if I want additional counseling sessions?

Your Resident membership under the Strong Families Scholarship includes 2 sessions per month (4-weeks). If you want to meet with your counselor for additional sessions you may do so by simply scheduling the additional sessions. Additional sessions are billed at the regular Resident member rate of $110/per session. Sessions are automatically billed on the day of your appointment to the payment method you provided for your membership.

What is the cancellation/no-show policy?

Although the first session is 100% free, clients do still have to put a fully refundable cancellation deposit on hand that they lose if they don’t show for or late cancel their first session. When you schedule we collect a $55 deposit during your intake. This amount is automatically applied to your second session if you choose to continue with counseling after your first session. If you decide not to pursue counseling after attending your first free session, you may contact us to refund your deposit and discontinue services.

How do I get my deposit back?

If you choose not to continue counseling after completing your first free session, you can request a deposit refund by emailing to get your deposit back.

Can the Strong Families Scholarship be used for in-office sessions?

This scholarship is only eligible for online sessions. You will be matched with a Resident Counselor based on your therapy needs and clinician availability. If you feel the counselor selected is not the best fit, you can call us at any time to change counselors.

How can I choose which counselor I want to work with?

Under the scholarship program, you are not able to choose which counselor you work with. We assign the counselor based on the kind of counseling you are seeking and counselor availability. You can, however, change the counselor you are working with at any time. So, if it doesn’t feel like a good fit, you can simply call in and request a new counselor.

Can I pair the Strong Families Scholarship with a partner scholarship?

We want to make quality counseling accessible and affordable for our clients. Partner scholarships cannot cover the Strong Families Scholarship reduced session fees. However, clients may use a partner scholarship for full-priced sessions before participating in or after completing the Strong Families Scholarship.

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