Strong Families Scholarship Agreement


Our Heart

At MyCounselor.Online, our heart is for everyone to have access to help, regardless of their financial circumstances. That’s why we have formed a strategic relationship with Partners For Strong Families to provide the Strong Families Scholarship to anyone who needs it.

Strong Families Scholarship

  • I understand that under the Strong Families Scholarship I am subscribing as a MyCounselor.Online Member at the Resident level, which has a regular monthly (4-weeks) cost of $220 for two sessions.
  • I understand that after the initial 3 months of my subscription I will automatically be charged the full rate of $220 for my membership if I do not cancel my membership before it renews.
  • I understand I have 12 months to use sessions credits I have paid for but have not used starting from the time I cancel my membership.  
  • I understand the Strong Families Scholarship I am receiving pays for 100% of my first session and my Assessment & Matching Fee (a value of $145), however, I must provide a $55 deposit that I will lose if I no-show or late cancel (less than 24 hours before) my free session and I will forfeit my Strong Families Scholarship.
  • I understand that if after my first session I continue with counseling my $55 deposit will be applied to my remaining first month’s membership balance ($55) and is non-refundable and all future membership payments are non-refundable.
  • I understand that my membership includes 2 sessions per 4-week billing cycle. If I want to see my counselor for additional sessions during a billing cycle I may do so by scheduling additional sessions. Additional sessions will be automatically billed to me at the regular member rate of $110 per session the day of my counseling appointment.
  • I understand that under the scholarship program I am not able to choose which counselor I work with. My counselor will be assigned based on the kind of counseling I am seeking and counselor availability. I may, however, request a different counselor at any time by contacting Member Support.
  • I understand that the total cost of my counseling, excluding any additional sessions I schedule, under the Strong Families Scholarship will be $275 and will include 1 Free Session and 5 discounted sessions:
    • Month 1 - $55
    • Month 2 - $110
    • Month 3 - $110
    • Month 4 and following I will be charged the full Resident membership rate of $220 per 4-week billing cycle.

By signing below I testify that I have read and understand the Strong Families Scholarship policies and do hereby agree to fulfill my financial obligations as so stated.  

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