Severe Anxiety Help / Treatment

Severe Anxiety Help / Treatment

Anxiety treatment is multifaceted.

For mild to moderate anxiety:

Talk therapy (counseling) in combination with healthy body choices (like exercise, healthy diet, and adequate sleep) is shown to be very effective in relieving anxiety symptoms.

NOTE: Not all anxiety requires drug treatment.

For severe anxiety:

If a person is severely anxious, that is your brain chemistry is so hyper-sensitized that you are unable to sleep, engage in counseling, or implement strategies discussed in therapy, drug therapy is likely necessary. You will first have to return your brain chemistry to normal enough level that you can actually benefit from talk therapy and be able to engage in body self-care.

For most this will mean some course of anti-anxiety and/or anti-depressant treatment. Given that reality that anxiety and depression feed each other, often times anxiety drug treatment will involve depression treatment as well. Anti-depressants (SSRI’s anyways) work by slowing down the rate at which your brain recycles certain neurotransmitters. The net effect of this slowdown is to increase the availability of those neurotransmitters to your brain, thus restoring normal functioning. When a severely depressed person finds the right anti-depressant and correct dosage for their metabolism, depression symptoms (like loss of energy, hopelessness, and foggy thinking) begin to lift within a few weeks.

The right anxiety medication can sometimes begin relieve anxiety symptoms within minutes of being taken.

WARNING: Medication alone will not fix the anxiety.

There’s a reason you became anxious in the first place and except in rare circumstances, medication alone will not fix the anxiety. It will only help restore brain chemistry so you can actually address the issues. All anti-anxiety and anti-depressants come with the instructions to engage in counseling along with the use of them for this very reason.

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