Welcome to MyCounselor.Online! I pray you find in us a trustworthy partner in the care of your people.

I’m Josh Spurlock, founder and director of MyCounselor.Online and FreeChristianCounseling.Online. God called me to the discipleship ministry of professional counseling and charged me with both providing excellent counseling services and training up excellent Christian counselors in my generation. I’ve spent the last 15 years relentlessly pursuing that calling.

I share that with you because I believe referring someone to counseling is a big deal. You’ll never know exactly what is said behind the closed door of the counselors office. Being able to trust the character, calling, and commitment to Biblical, clinical, and professional excellence of the counselor is of great importance.

God called me to provide counsel that is true to the Bible and utilizes the best practices the helping professions have to offer. To prepare myself to do so I attended Bible college, studying Biblical languages (3 years of Greek, 2 years of Hebrew) followed by seminary for a Masters in Counseling. I practice as an ordained minister and licensed professional counselor (LPC). As a team we embrace the Focus on the Family Statement of Faith and adhere to the American Association of Christian Counselors Code of Ethics.

A commitment to Biblical integrity and clinical excellence is a mandatory requirement for every counselor I hire.

Unlike at talkspace, betterhelp, psychology today, or any other online counseling platform (where anyone can sign up as counselor with little or no screening), at MyCounselor.Online and FreeChristianCounseling.Online I personally recruit every clinician on our team and oversee their training to ensure the counsel they provide will be true to the scriptures and clinically sound.

If you have any questions about our theology, clinical orientation, or philosophy of practice – I invite you to call me personally at 417-459-4967 and I will be happy to answer any questions you have. I can also provide references from pastors who refer to us for the care of their people.

We’re looking forward to the opportunity to serve you and your people.


Rev. Josh Spurlock, MA, LPC, CST
Founder / Director MyCounselor.Online & FreeChristianCounseling.Online

References for MyCounselor.Online

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Corporate Chaplain at Russell Cellular

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Rev. Mike Fuentes

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