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Career Placement Partners

We Want To Hire Your Graduate Counseling Students!

MyCounselor.Online partners with universities in our Career Placement Partnership program, to help graduate counseling students find their dream job. We work closely with our Career Placement Partners to streamline the experience of their students by giving them preferred status in our recruiting and interviewing process. Students at partnering schools can begin interviewing for placement during the last semester of their program. If selected they can start employment immediately upon graduation.

Relieving the stress of “will I be able to find a job” is a huge blessing to students and helps boost the schools job placement rate under the Department of Education’s gainful employment regulations.

Become A Career Placement Partner

Help Your Graduate Counseling Students Find Their Dream Job.

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Fill Out The Inquiry Form Below For Our Career Placement Partnerships Document. In Addition, Our Partnership Coordinator Will Contact You To Schedule An Informational Zoom Meeting.

Career Placement Partner

Learn More About MyCounselor.Online

Clinically Informed, Faith-Based Counseling, Available Online And In-Person

MyCounselor.Online provides clinically informed faith-based counseling world-wide online and in-person at locations in metros across the country. The organizations we serve include local churches, national and international ministries, missions sending organizations, church planting associations, and businesses with Christian ownership.

The clients who seek us out, on their own or through a partnering organization, are looking for unapologetically Christian counseling that is informed by the best practices of mental health.

MCO’s reputation for providing a convenient and quality counseling experience has led to consistent growth between 40-50% a year. To keep up with the growing demand for our services, we need to hire more counselors!

Frequently Asked Questions

On the Job Training for Counselors

Through our Residency program, new hires are trained in the approaches to treatment that have earned MCO a reputation for providing quality care. The clinical models that inform our faith-based counseling are emotion focused, experiential, psychodynamic, and grounded in attachment theory. Specifically, we train our residents in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT).

Training happens through a combination of methodologies:
• Online Learning University
• Experiential Skills Practicing Groups
• Video review of sessions with experienced supervisors
• Continuing Education reimbursement for approved courses from the EFT and AEDP institutes
• Reimbursement for personal therapy from therapists outside our practice certified in AEDP
• Weekly Team meetings that include, guest didactics from leaders in the field, small group case consult, and facilitated process groups for personal and professional development


Although not required for providing religious-based counseling, MyCounselor.Online believes the education and experience standards for professional licensure are valuable benchmarks for the training of counselors. Thus, our internal certification process is built to meet or exceed the mental health state-licensure requirements in all 50 states. We encourage and facilitate our counselors in pursuit of licensure in the states they physically reside by providing state-licensure supervision(LPC, MFT, LMHC, LCSW, Psychologist) in their benefits package.

Resident Counselor Compensation & Benefits

Starting in practice is an intense season for new therapist. Each new client brings new presenting issues requiring significant learning. We have built our Residency program to set new therapist up for success. We limit the number of direct hours (therapy sessions) new residents see each week to 26. We also require (and pay for) 14hours of development (training and consultation) time each week, for a total weekly time commitment of 40 hours a week on the job. We encourage residents to spend their time outside of work engaging self-care activities, connecting with their friends & family, and serving their local faith communities. Our compensation package includes a guaranteed base salary, commission opportunity, and benefits with a total earning potential of $67k annually.

After completing Residency (typically 2 years), as MCO Certified and Advanced Practice therapists, graduates can expect to earn between $98,000-$146,000 cash compensation annually.

Who are the ideal applicants at MyCounselor?

Ideal applicants are students/graduates who have a clear sense of calling into the field of faith-based counseling. There are many meaningful ways to deploy an education in clinical mental health. For some the context they feel led to is serving Jesus and His Kingdom through explicitly Christian counseling that is clinically informed. – MyCounselor.Online is a DREAM JOB for these graduates!

What is the Application Process for Counselors?
  1. Students begin their journey with MyCounselor.Online at our Careers Page: MyCounselor.Online/careers. There they will find detailed information about the practice and a webform, their first step, that will take them to our Careers Brochure and the online employment application.
  2. Complete the Online Application.
  3. First Interview – If selected, our HR department will contact the applicant to schedule the first interview by video conference.
  4. Second Interview – Our hiring team will review the video recording from thefirst interview and make a recommendation. If recommended for a 2nd interview the applicant will be scheduled for a video meeting with our Clinical Director and be sent a “Closer Look” document with more details about our practice.
  5. Contract Review – If advanced from the second interview the applicant will be sent a sample contract prior to the third interview.
  6. MCO Team Meeting – Applicants advancing to a third interview are invited to attend a Wednesday morning (11:00 AM – 12:45 PM CST) MCO team meeting to meet prospective new colleagues.
  7. Third Interview – The third interview is an interview between the applicant and their spouse (if married) with our Founders Josh & Cassie Spurlock. This interview provides the applicant and spouse (if married) the opportunity to ask Josh & Cassie any questions you have about himself, family, the practice, or your contract.
  8. Offer – If at this point it feels like a great fit to the applicant and the hiring team, we’ll extend an offer to execute contract and officially join the team.
  9. Onboarding – Upon receipt of an executed contract the MCO HR team will reach out to begin onboarding the new hire into our Residency program.

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