Does Online Counseling Therapy Work?

Sure it’s easy to access and easy to use, but does online counseling work?

That’s the burning question when it comes to online counseling / therapy. Various forms of online therapy have been in existence for over a decade now and the research is coming to the conclusion:

YES, online counseling / therapy can be as effective in helping people reach their goals as in-person therapy. 

Experienced Clinicians & Educators Are Advocating Online Therapy

As a result of the research and their own experience, well known and respected researchers and educators in the field of therapy have become believers in online approaches to therapy. In this 2016 interview Dr. Irvin D. Yalom, professor of psychiatry emeritus at Stanford University and author of many therapy books, best known to me for his work The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, talks about why he has become a proponent of online therapy.

If I talk to an online counselor is it the same as an in-person therapist?

Online counseling is not “the same” as in-person therapy, just like talking to a loved on on Facetime or Skype is not the same as talking with them in person. A lot of research shows that it is, however, just as effective as in-person counseling. So while it feels different than sitting in the same room with your counselor, it can help you reach your goals for counseling just as well. Clients report that they still feel close and connected to their online counselor, some even report feeling more comfortable because they control the environment they meet their counselor in.

The research on the effectiveness of online counseling therapy speaks for itself.



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