How does marriage counseling help?

Josh Spurlock

How does marriage counseling help?

Good marriage counseling begins with a good assessment of the situation.

A marriage therapist will listen to a couple’s presenting concerns and ask a great deal of questions to make sure he or she accurately understands the situation. Next, the marriage counselor will gather a thorough history for each spouse so the current problems can be understood in the context of the couples whole relationship and individual lives.

 Marriage Therapists set with hundreds of couples for literally thousands of hours (1,000 to 1,500 PER YEAR). They know how to recognize the root issues.

The marriage therapist will formulate some hypothesis as to where the problem lies and how to go about addressing it. Often times this involves educating the couple about healthy relationship dynamics and teaching them relationship skills such as: emotional communication, conflict resolution, and boundary setting.
Sometimes individual work is necessary to resolve issues facing one spouse that affect the relationship.

 A good marriage therapist will coach a couple through using new relationship skills during sessions.

By practicing newly learned health relationship skills in session the marriage counselor helps a couple be successful using the tools. Doing so helps the marriage therapist work his or herself out of job by helping the couple learn how to resolve the difficulties they run into on their own in a way that feels good to them both.

Marriage Counseling can…

  • Provide you with an objective evaluation of your circumstances and relational needs.
  • Explore your past and present experiences that may be contributing to your relational difficulties.
  • Identify destructive relational patterns that keep repeating themselves in your marriage.
  • Form a plan of action to get your relationship moving in a positive direction that may include:
    • Defining what “Love” is, what Marriage is for, and How it Works (or doesn’t work)
    • Creating Emotional Safety in Relationship
    • Learning to Communicate in Productive and Respectful ways
    • Creating and upholding Healthy Personal Boundaries
    • Learning how to Forgive and Reconcile
    • Conflict Resolution Strategies
    • Healing Hurt and Building Trust
    • Establishing Realistic Expectations
    • Uncovering Secrets to Sexual Intimacy
    • Living with Freedom and Responsibility
    • Relating to Extended Family and Raising Children
    • Overcoming the Past and Moving Forward
    • Developing a Vision for your Marriage and Family
    • Communicating your Wants and Needs
    • Valuing your Spouse’s Wants and Needs
    • Being the Best Spouse Possible, in Less than Ideal Circumstances
    • Saving your marriage against all odds

The counselors at MyCounselor.Online bring to marriage counseling…

  • The collective knowledge of thousands of professionals, with hundreds of thousands of hours spent helping couples, and decades of scientific research on relationships, marriage, sex, mental health, and family systems.
  • The experience of hundreds of hours setting with couples, just like you, and helping them through some of the hardest relationship struggles imaginable.
  • Formal training in the study of the Bible to help couples understand God’s design for marriage and know-how to apply the wisdom of God’s principles to your unique circumstances.

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