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Salary: $30,000.00 /year



Dear Applicant:

I want to thank you for consideration of our team. We love our team and what our King has privileged us to do in his kingdom. We are excited at the prospect of you joining us!

I hope to meet you soon!

Cheering you on!

Josh Spurlock

Founder & CEO MyCounselor.Online

The Administrative/Research Assistant

Position Basics
Type: Administrative / Non-Clinical

Reports to: Tish Hedger/ Interim Clinical Director

Starting Pay: $30,000/yr

Hours: F ull time, 9-5 with some hours outside of normal business hours

Location: 100% Remote

About MyCounselor.Online
MyCounselor.Online (MCO) is an outpatient mental health counseling practice with a focus on Christian counseling delivered online through secure video conference by state licensed therapists. The practice was founded in 2007 by Josh Spurlock and has grown to 6 locations with 33 employees as of July 2020.

MCO Culture
“Excellence for our King and

“Excellence for our King and clients” is our motto at MCO. We believe we are doing the work that King Jesus has given us to do in his kingdom, and we want to do it the very best we can AND have a lot of FUN doing it 🙂

We like the family feel of our organization. We work hard together, have fun together, and support each other through the ups and downs of life together.

We hire people who LOVE Jesus, work extremely hard, and are fun to be around.


(Updated: 7-31-20)

The Administrative/Research Assistant

Remote Work
MCO is a very tech intensive company. While our services are very people oriented are operations are very technology geared. That means our employees need to be tech savvy and have reliable internet service. We also do a lot of video conferencing internally as well as with clients and partners. A professional looking back drop and private office setting is important for remote work.

Position Summary
The Administrative/Research Assistant (RA) must be extremely well organized with great attention to detail and strong memory capabilities are a must. The RA must enjoy research in the mental health/counseling field. The RA must love reading and studying mental health/therapy/theology related topics and able to extrapolate salient information and consolidate it into concise, clear, and fun to read summary (a joy in and skill at writing and editing is needed). The RA should able to take dictation and detailed notes during meetings and construct outlines and documents from conversations. It is important that the RA be missionally minded. The RA will organize and project manage various initiatives under the Clinical Department. The RA will interface with the

Marketing department to coordinate publication of materials produced by the clinical department to the training website. Organize training events for the clinical department.

Organize recruiting efforts of the training department in co-operation with the marketing department.


(Updated: 7-31-20)

The Administrative/Research Assistant

Clinical Director

The RA will report directly to the clinical director. They will be responsible for the clinical directors’ schedule and inbox. The RA will respond to messages received by the clinical director.

Clinical Department

The RA will organize training events for the clinical department. They will also organize recruiting efforts of the training department in co-operation with the marketing department.


(Updated: 7-31-20)

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