Family Counseling

Building Happy, Healthier Families

Family Counseling

Parents and children alike face many sources of stress that cause problems in day-to-day family life. Our counselors will help you overcome these challenges for a happier, healthier family.

Build Stronger Relationships

Are there issues hurting the parent-child relationship in your family? Get the care and resources you need to address them.

Manage Conflict

What disagreements are fueling problems in your family? We’ll provide constructive, loving ways to resolve parenting conflicts.

Strengthen Emotional Support

Are your kids hesitant to come to you with problems or questions? We’ll help you establish an atmosphere of trust.

Improve Communication

When you say one thing, do your kids hear something completely different? Learn to establish mutual understanding with your children.

Family Relationship Topics


Divorce Counseling

Divorce is hardest on the kids. It’s not their fault, they didn’t make this happen, but it affects them profoundly and there is nothing they can do about it.

Sometimes divorce is preventable, sometimes it’s not. Either way the kids need help getting through it. They need a safe place to be able to talk about what they are feeling without fear of hurting either parent’s feelings or choosing sides.

We’ll be there for your kids.

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Blended Families

Blended Families

Life is messy sometimes. At least half the families in America have kids living in homes where one or both parents are not their biological. Divorce, death, adoption are just a few of the ways families can get jumbled up. Parenting is especially challenging when you are parenting children that are not biologically yours.

We start by listening. We want to get to know your family and the challenges you face. From there we’ll work with you to break down the complex problems into understandable dynamics. Then we’ll help you formulate a strategy for overcoming the challenges – so everyone can get along.

Christian family counseling
Young Children

Young Children

Pulling your hair out? Hiding in the closet and mumbling to yourself? You must be the parent of young children. Feeling crazy is normal.

Parenting young children is difficult in nearly all cases. When you have a kiddo with some special challenges it can become down right overwhelming! You know parenting is hard, but this is ridiculous.

Sometimes it helps to connect with a professional who has worked with kids and parents facing similar challenges. We’ll work with you to develop strategies for helping your kid and keeping your sanity. You can do this!

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The teen years are tough- For everyone. NO ONE loves your teen more than you do, but sometimes they need a voice other than their parents to help them sort through their issues.

Depression, anxiety, sexual identity questions, grief, self-harm, eating disorders, body image struggles, and thoughts about suicide are just a few of the common areas of struggle we help teens with.

When your child is struggling, it’s terrifying. You feel so helpless and like a failure. All you want to do is fix it, so they can be happy. Let us help you and your teen know how to get through this successfully.

Christian Counseling MyCounselor.Online teenagers family therapy


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Experts on Family & Relationship Counseling

Christian Family Counseling from Licensed Professionals

MyCounselor Online offers easy access to Christian family counselors who love Jesus, know the Bible, and who are clinically trained. We share your values and can help you overcome the challenges your child and family face.

Meeting You Where You Are

Counseling Options

Need help with issues affecting your child and your family? You’ve come to the right place. Our family counselors are here to help — either in-person or through video conferencing.

In-Person Counseling 

If your family lives in Kansas City, Columbia or Springfield, Missouri, you can come to one of our local counseling offices for an in-person session with one of our counselors.

MyDevice Counseling 

Not able to meet in person? No problem! Connect with an AMAZING Christian counselor no matter where you live — on the device and in the location of your choosing.

AccessPoint Counseling 

No eating disorder, self-harm, sexual identity, or adoption specialists in your area? Connect with our specialists at an office near you, in a comfortable setting through video conferencing technology.

Hear from our clients


  • The Relationship Center [MyCounselor.Online] was perfect for our marriage at a very critical time. The crisis was handled and the issues that had to be addressed were brought to the forefront. Each issue was dealt with to resolution before working on the next one. The honest approach and no-nonsense no excuses accepted approach was right on. The skill of the staff was key to our success. The skills that we were given have made our marriage better than it has ever been. Our time with TRC [MyCounselor.Online] not only saved our marriage but made it amazing.

    Tim F
  • My husband and I have been going to TRC [MyCounselor.Online] for about 6 months and have gained valuable resources and tools to help our marriage. Rachelle is a great person and very knowledgeable. I would recommend TRC [MyCounselor.Online] and Rachelle to others.

    Cassandra B.
  • Our marriage was so horrible we thought Josh Spurlock would surely give us the green light that there was no hope and encourage us to go our separate ways. At least that’s what a previous counselor in town had told me to do. Instead, Josh used biblical principles to bring hope into a very dark, bleak situation. We saw Josh on and off for approximately three years. It took a lot of work to have the marriage we do today, but it was worth every penny and every session we attended with Josh. Josh is a phenomenal counselor. It was easy to even talk about those embarrassing, tough topics with him. God really used The Relationship Center[MyCounselor.Online] to restore our marriage. Anything is possible when you’re willing to get help, implement what you’re being taught, and add Christ as the third party in your relationship. Instead of being a single Mom to three kids, I now have the marriage I only thought existed if I was with someone else. It really is unbelievable.

    Jackie W
  • I would like to thank Josh for his help in building a strong biblical foundation in our marriage. It is normal to experience situations that cause difficulties in your marriage, but having the courage to step out and ask for help from a faith centered therapist such as Josh can help ensure that God’s plan for your marriage is revealed. Josh Spurlock is a true man of faith that honestly cares about your marriage and is committed to taking a biblical approach to therapy in an effort to equip you with the tools that are essential for continued success and years of mutual understanding and happiness.

    Kirk P
  • Absolutely TOP NOTCH! These guys are the best of the best. SO good at what they do and being able to hear what you are not saying. They don’t want to keep you sick in an effort to collect money. Their hearts are truly at the center of Jesus and healing. It’s changed my life. I’ve gone for 5 or more years and I’m still there. Best money and decision I’ve ever made in an effort to change my life and relationships. I’m so grateful for the investment Rebecca and Shaun have made in my life and the confidence and encouragement the two of them have given me. Both are equally special! Exactly what I needed for my process.

    Chelsea B
  • Investing in christian counseling made all the difference for us. We had come to a point in our marriage where we were not communicating with one another. We had kids, careers, schedules and routines, and felt we were functioning well enough. What we didn’t have was a connection to one another. We each approached situations from our own perspective never taking time to realize how that impacted the other, or how we had come to have that perspective in the first place. The counseling process allowed us to reconnect with ourselves and to one another and provided tools for us to use when we weren’t with our counselor. We consider it one of the best investments of time and finances we have ever made! We would recommend the counseling process and our counselor Rachelle Colegrove without hesitation.

    Brian & Julie U
  • I have been going to Melissa for a little over a year now and I can honestly say it is one of the highlights of my week every week. I feel that she has helped me through so much already and is extremely easy to talk to about anything. I really appreciate her listening and offering me wisdom every time I see her. I don’t know how I would’ve managed getting through this past year of my life at times if I had started going to The Relationship Center [MyCounselor.Online]. Also, I am so grateful that they worked with me financially to find something that fits my tight, college budget. I definitely tell everyone about this place when they ask me about where to go for counseling. Thank you so much.

    Noelle R
  • Web-based interventions compared to non-Web-based interventions showed an improvement in outcomes.
    A University of California meta-analysis concluded that Web-based interventions compared to non-Web-based interventions showed an improvement in outcomes in a meta-analysis of 5 studies. The primary focus was self-care and self-management interventions to encourage individual's behavior change in the presence of a chronic illness or condition necessitating knowledge sharing, education, and understanding of the condition. 
    — Journal of Medical Internet Research
  • The effects of online psychotherapy outlasted the results of face-to-face counseling
    A University of Zurich study divided a group of 62 patients in half and found that depression was eased in 53 percent of those given online therapy, compared to 50 percent who had in-person counseling. Three months after completing the study, 57 percent of online patients showed no signs of depression compared to 42 percent with conventional therapy. 
    — Journal of Affective Disorders
  • Online therapy significantly lowered the number of hospital visits among veterans.
    In a four-year Johns Hopkins study that included close to 100,000 veterans, the number of days that patients were hospitalized dropped by 25 percent if they chose online counseling. This is slightly higher than the number of hospital visits experienced by patients who used face-to-face counseling.
    — Psychiatric Services

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