What makes MyCounselor.Online different?

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Online Counseling Different Than: TalkSpace, BetterHelp, Faithful, Regain, MyTherapist, Breakthrough, or Psychology Today

How is MyCounselor different?

  • 5 Stage Intensive Interview Process for ALL Therapists

  • Not A Directory / Our Therapists are our Employees

  • We Train Our Therapists in a Proven Treatment Model

  • Supervise Each Therapist’s Clinical Practice

  • Provide Ongoing Continuing Education to Our Counselors

  • Hold Our Team Accountable Clinically and Theologically

Biblical. Clinical. Professional.

Experts in Christian Counseling

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Josh Spurlock
Founder / Director

MyCounselor.Online provides Christian Faith-Based therapy and counseling resources by licensed professionals world-wide online and in-person at offices in Colorado and Missouri. 

The content you find on MyCounselor.Online is written and peer-reviewed by our clinical team of licensed professionals to ensure the information you receive is accurate, evidence-based, and trustworthy. 

Choosing a counselor is a big deal. You wouldn’t be looking for one unless you or someone you love is facing some serious difficulties. If you are looking for a counselor who shares your values and can help you be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy in every area of your life – you have come to the right place. 

That’s why I founded MyCounselor back in 2007. To help you have easy access to professional counselors who love Jesus, know the Bible, and who are clinically trained to apply the best practices of mental and relationship health to your situation.

I personally recruit every clinician on our team and oversee their training to ensure your experience is a great one. We genuinely care about our clients. It matters to us that you reach your goals and have a full, joy-filled life. We want you to be happy.

Having worked with thousands of clients, we really understand the struggle. We’ve been in the trenches and faced the ugliest of ugly. We get it.

And we know how to help.

I can’t promise you it will all work out the way you want.

I can promise we will always be real with you. We will help you identify why life is not working for you and what needs to happen for it to improve.

Online or in-person, you will receive counseling from licensed professionals utilizing the best evidence-based practices in the field of counseling.

You can overcome the challenges you’re facing and have the abundant life you were created for.

Why not take the first step towards that future now?

Cheering you on!

Josh Spurlock, MA, LPC, CST

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Common Questions

What are the counseling fees?

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Fees range from $45 to $175 depending on the level of experience of your counselor.

  • Tier 5 — $175: Licensed professionals with advanced certifications and at least 10,000 hours of counseling experience.
  • Tier 4 — $145: Licensed professionals with advanced certifications
  • Tier 3 — $115: Licensed professionals
  • Tier 2 — $95: Provisionally licensed professionals
  • Tier 1 — $45: Counselors In Training

*All first-time appointments will be charged a non-refundable one-time $30 assessment and setup fee at the time of scheduling.

Do you offer free counseling?

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With the amount of training and experience, our therapists have MyCounselor.Online isn’t free, but it can be affordable.

Don’t let cost prohibit you from getting help. There is an affordable road to healing.

  • We have 5 Fee Tiers to choose from, starting at $45/session.
  • Payment plans are available as low as $50/week.
  • You may qualify for a scholarship from your church or work.

We also offer 1 Free Session of Tier 1 counseling online through https://freechristiancounseling.online/

Can you file my insurance?

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Yes. We can submit a claim for reimbursement of service fees to your insurance on your behalf for a fee* or you may submit claims to your insurance company directly.

We cannot accept consignment for insurance benefits and have no control over how much your policy will cover or how covered claims will be applied based on your deductible.

You are responsible for paying fully for your services at the time of your appointment.

*In an effort to hold down costs associated with providing the most effective and helpful professional clinical services possible, MCO out sources our medical billing request to an independent medical biller. The $5 fee for this service is passed along to those requesting this service.

Are you in-network?

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MyCounselor.Online is a Christian counseling center focused on providing the highest quality care possible. As such we are unwilling to enter into any arrangement that might pressure us to compromise quality to increase insurance company profits. Thus, at present, we are not a part of any private insurance in-network panels.

That being said, outpatient psychotherapy is a covered benefit under many insurance plans and we do have a number of clients who receive out-of-network benefits for our services.

Some networks, recognizing our excellence in certain specialized areas, have agreed to reimburse our clients at in-network levels even though we are not on their in-network panels. This is solely at the discretion of your insurance provider.

How soon can I get in?

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Appointments are available Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Also keep in mind that each counselor’s schedule is different, and availability may vary depending on how busy they are and whether they have any cancellations.

If you need to get in quick and have flexibility with which counselor you see, we may be able to schedule you with a therapist same-day if you contact us before 5 pm CT.

What's your cancelation policy?

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If you fail to give notice of cancellation by 5 p.m. CT the business day before your scheduled appointment, your credit or debit card will be charged for the time you reserved.

A counselor’s time is very perishable. Unlike an item you return at the store that can be resold, once time has passed it is forever gone. Like a hotel room, once the time for cancellation of your appointment reservation has passed the time is yours, whether or not you are able to use it. When we hold an appointment slot for you we turn other people, who like you are looking for help, away. It’s not fair to the people we must turn away or to the counselor if you do not pay for the time held for you, even if the circumstances are beyond your control (they are also beyond the control of your counselor and those denied an appointment).

Canceling or rescheduling your appointment as soon as you become aware you will not be able to make it, 5 pm CT the business day before at the latest, allows us to offer your appointment time to those waiting for an appointment and those in crisis.

In the event of inclement weather or other circumstances that prevent you from making it to our office, you may be able to use your session time over the phone or by video

We apply the cancellation policy without favoritism and with uniformity to all clients to whom it applies.

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