Depression Counseling

Depression Counseling

Living a More Happy, Healthy and Enjoyable Life

Depression Counseling

Is depression sabotaging your life? Our licensed Christian counselors know how to get your life back. It may be easier than you think.

Promote Positive Thinking

Depression often leads to thoughts of suicide or self-harm. Therapy can help you regain a more positive outlook.

Manage Stress

In today’s high pressure society depression is increasingly common. We offer practical ways to handle the rigors of daily life.

Boost Emotional Health

Depression makes it hard to just “bounce back” from negative thoughts and feelings. We’ll help you overcome these emotional challenges.

Improve Communication

Depression counseling can make it easier to explain how loved ones can support you on your road to recovery.

Common Concerns

Depression Topics

Signs & Symptoms

Signs & Symptoms

Do these common depression symptoms sound familiar?

Feeling sad, discouraged about the future, feel like a failure, don’t get much satisfaction out of life, feel guilty, feel like your being punished, feel like a disappointment, blame yourself for everything bad that happens, have thoughts about killing yourself, cry all the time or can’t even if you want to, feel irritated often, lost interest in other people, have difficulty making decisions, feel ugly, have trouble working, have trouble sleeping, feel too tired to do most things, loss of appetite, loss of weight, can’t stop eating, gained a bunch of weight, worried about your health, change in sex drive?

We can help.

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Emotional eating / binging with or without purging (forcing oneself to throw-up, severe fasting, or laxative use) is an unhealthy way of coping with depression.

You can learn to manage your emotions without an unhealthy relationship with food. Let us help you break the cycle of self-loathing, shame, and self sabotage so you can feel good about your body, your self, and your life.

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Experienced significant change in your life over the past year? Many people are surprised to find out that significant change, good or bad, triggers grief.
The most common changes associated with grief are the loss of a loved one. However, loss of job, a move, empty nest, aging, and many other life changes involve grief too.

Grief has depression like symptoms that, if we don’t process well, we can get stuck in and can compound over time as we have other life events.

Let us help you get un-stuck.

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Sexual Identity

Sexual Identity

Fears, doubts, internal conflict, questions, and concerns about sexual identity take their toll over time, causing depression. We use the Sexual Identity Therapy framework to work through with you the complex issues surrounding same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria.

We will be a safe place for you to process your experience, gain understanding about yourself, ask the tough questions, make decisions, figure out what you want to do and how to go about doing it.

You don’t have to stay depressed and you don’t have to figure this out alone. We are here for you.

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Christian Depression Counseling from Licensed Professionals

Our Counselors

MyCounselor Online offers easy access to Christian depression counselors who love Jesus, know the Bible, and who are clinically trained. We share your values and can help you overcome the challenges your facing so you can enjoy your life.

September September Trent MS, LPC MEET SEPTEMBER September specializes in anxiety and depression in women, eating disorders counseling, and self-harm therapy. Christian Counseling MyCounselor.Online counselor springfield mo september trent Melissa Christian Counselor Columbia MO Melissa Abello Melissa Abello MA, LPC Melissa specializes in anxiety and depression in women and marriage counseling. MEET MELISSA Lacey Christian Counseling MyCounselor.Online counselor springfield mo lacey wallace Lacey Wallace MS, LPC Lacey specializes in anxiety and depression in women, marriage counseling, and family therapy. MEET LACEY Tish Christian Counseling MyCounselor.Online counselor kansas city tish hedger Tish Hedger MA, LPC Tish specializes in women's issues, trauma, marriage counseling, and EMDR. MEET TISH

Meeting You Where You Are

Counseling Options

Need help with depression? You’ve found the right place. Our licensed Christian counselors are ready to help — either in-person or through video conferencing.

In-Person Counseling 

If you live in Kansas City, Columbia or Springfield, Missouri, Nashville, Tennessee, Denver / Centennial, Colorado, or Pensacola / Navarre, Florida, you can schedule an in-person depression counseling session at one of our convenient, local counseling centers.

MyDevice Online Counseling 

Connect with a Christian depression counselor no matter where you live. MyDevice online video counseling provides the care you need on the device and in the location of your choosing.

Live A Happier Life

Start Your Journey

Stop letting depression control your life. You can be happy. You can look forward to your life. Start now.

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