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Hello, my name is Shawna Landázuri and I am Licensed Clinical Social Worker, working in the field of counseling for nearly 11 years. God has continually confirmed my calling over the years to walk with people in their pain, and in your journey be a help, teammate, and/or coach beside you as you find healing and freedom. Whether your pain stems from a traumatic experience, an inner turmoil that produces anxiety, anger, depression, or a deep sense of lacking fulfillment or feeling unworthy – it would be my privilege to walk with you!

I love the process of therapy and am able to work with clients that require structure or those that need flexibility. I find therapeutic assignments or “homework” very beneficial in the process of counseling for those that are interested as the time between sessions can be highly valuable to our work and time together. My hope is to be an aroma of Jesus Christ in your life and create an environment of safety, unconditional positive regard, empathy, and grace yet also be able to challenge you in areas that need growth with gentleness and respect. I love to see my clients grow in their relationship with our Father and watch Him bring transformation!

I specialize in treating trauma, whether a one-time event such as sexual assault or a tragic accident; or chronic events such as abuse, whether physical, sexual or emotional. I also specialize in treating struggles with anxiety, anger, self-worth, and grief. Lastly, I also have experience in treating those walking through difficult transitions and changes in life. My personal goal and counseling approach is to get to and treat the core, root issue from a holistic standpoint so that my clients experience lasting change and freedom.

I am humbled and honored to have a variety of professional and personal experiences. I have worked in a variety of settings that include; a locked psychiatric facility, private practice, a specialized school, and different types of outpatient clinics. I have lived and been immersed in another country and culture, served in the military, and have a beautiful daughter that is medically fragile with significant special needs. All of these experiences I pray and trust God will use to allow me to connect and empathize with my clients on a deeper level.

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