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  • Masters in Counseling
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
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I am glad to be a part of the team at MyCounselor, providing counseling which integrates the Scriptures and sound clinical practice. It’s my passion to see individuals & couples who are trapped and hurting set free through God’s power. I specialize in helping couples have great marriages, recover from affairs & infidelity, and overcome sexual addictions.

In preparation to provide help, I attended Evangel University in Springfield, MO, where I majored in psychology. Following graduation, I enrolled at Assemblies of God Theological Seminary to complete a master’s degree in counseling. There, my studies focused not only on the clinical aspects of counseling, but the Bible, understanding God’s Word and the firm foundation it creates. In counseling, I work from this sure footing, integrating clinical skills to help clients effectively.

Affair & Infidelity Recovery Counseling

It’s a place couples never imagined being when taking vows to love and cherish one another, but sadly a significant number find themselves. Marital infidelity, including lasting affairs, brief sexual encounters, and porn use, to name a few, can be crippling to couples if not handled with great care and expertise. Not dealing fully with the issue leaves couples with a shell of a relationship or a marriage that is only carried on for appearance or financial reasons. Fortunately, the significant majority of couples who work through infidelity with a counselor who specializes in affair & infidelity recovery report greater satisfaction than ever before. You can get better and your marriage can be great if you take the right steps. I am passionate about helping individuals and couples find victory in the midst of infidelity. Let me help you heal and build an affair/infidelity proof marriage.

Sexual Addiction Counseling

While many people still aren’t aware of the issue, sexually addictive behavior problems are on the rise. The internet and technology have revolutionized the way we do life, in many ways for the better, but have also helped to usher in an era of sexual bondage. It’s never been so easy to engage in a wide array of sexually destructive behaviors. People we regularly help here at MyCounselor.Online have struggled with pornography, masturbation, using escorts, personal ads/anonymous sex, seducing others, trading sexual favors, and swinging, to name a few. We take part in ongoing education and training to understand and effectively help people wrestling with sexual addictions.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage is a wonderful thing. God created marriage to be a powerful and sanctifying relationship which brings Him glory and us joy. If you read those statements and find yourself shaking your head, I’d love to help! Specializing in the difficult areas of affair recovery and sexual addiction has lead me to become very familiar with the inner workings of the marital relationship on a host of other issues which might be considered “less bad,” but are still very challenging. It is my passion to help couples realize the kind of marriage God has intended for them. I would love the chance to help you and your spouse clearly define what is not working in your relationship and make needed repairs, increasing your marital satisfaction. Let’s get together and take the mystery out of your marriage struggles.

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  • Absolutely TOP NOTCH! These guys are the best of the best. SO good at what they do and being able to hear what you are not saying. They don’t want to keep you sick in an effort to collect money. Their hearts are truly at the center of Jesus and healing. It’s changed my life. I’ve gone for 5 or more years and I’m still there. Best money and decision I’ve ever made in an effort to change my life and relationships. I’m so grateful for the investment Rebecca and Shaun have made in my life and the confidence and encouragement the two of them have given me. Both are equally special! Exactly what I needed for my process.

    Chelsea B

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