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Denielle Espejo is a resident counselor at MyCounselor.Online. She has Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.


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Denielle is a Resident Counselor. She specializes in Individual Therapy, Marriage Counseling, and Trauma Therapy.

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Get help to relieve anxiety and stress, identify the root causes of your anxiety, and boost your emotional health. Overcome feelings of sadness and hopelessness, and experience a renewed sense of hope and joy.

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We can help your family manage conflict, develop parent-child relationships, establish trust, and navigate parenting challenges.

Marriage Counseling

We know how to help you break out of old patterns and reconnect for the closeness and intimacy you’ve always wanted. We can help you improve communication, reconcile after an affair, and improve your sex life.

Trauma Therapy

Find healing and freedom from the trauma that you’ve experienced. At MyCounselor.Online, we utilize AEDP for working through trauma.

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A Note from Denielle

I have a background working with clients who have experienced trauma, domestic violence and substance abuse. I have my own personal experience with parenting challenges and overcoming post-partum depression and anxiety. Given the hardships that my husband and I have endured after giving birth to my son, I know from experience the difficulties that arise for new parents. As a result of my own personal experiences and professional experiences, my ideal clients would be clients who are struggling with marital issues related to infidelity, trauma history, parenting issues, grief or substance abuse.

My speciality is related to emotional regulation and integrating neuroscience to clinical interventions to heal previous wounds. The behaviors that clients are exhibiting that may be causing rifts in their intimate relationships are all rooted in previous wounds. My goal is to help clients identify where the pain is coming from and help heal the maladaptive behaviors that are interfering with their relationships. Lastly, I believe that my ability to help clients discover what it means to be authentic in who they are as they continue towards their healing journey.

I have experienced my own suffering, pain and darkness; however, have found my way to healing through a transformative, faith-based journey. Many of the issues within MCO, I have personally experienced myself. I believe that this will help build a deeper, more meaningful and authentic therapeutic relationship with my clients.


My initial appointment with Denielle Espejo was great. She was extremely understanding and caring. She made me feel very comfortable throughout our session as I shared a lot of vulnerable information. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to establish.


Online Video Therapy


114 Reviews4.9 Stars

Denielle listened, empathized, related, and celebrated with me while listening. She helped me become more aware of myself and my needs by asking simple, honest, applicable questions.


Online Video Therapy


114 Reviews4.9 Stars

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