A Christian Sex Therapist


Who is a Christian Sex Therapist? ME!!

Often to embarrass my sons (both in their 20’s), when being introduced to their friends, I reach for their friend’s hand and introduce myself as a Christian Sex Therapist. I love the variety of responses. While emceeing a wedding reception lately, I took the opportunity to introduce myself as a Marriage and Family counselor and a certified Christian Sex Therapist. The room filled with nervous giggling when I told them there would be a Q & A later (which some of my son’s friends took me up on).

So who is this Christian Sex Therapist?


I am a Christian. A woman who loves and follows Jesus with all of my heart, every day of my life living a life to please my Savior and Lord. I am a believer in the Word of God as the source of life and direction.


I am a professional counselor. I am trained in both professional counseling and marriage and family therapy, with an additional certification by the American Board of Christian Sex therapists.


I am a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God.


I integrate the above to help married couples have a mutually fulfilling sex life which pleases the Lord. 

What do I treat?


Most commonly, I work with couples who cannot agree on how many times per week/month to have sex. Which couple hasn’t had this argument at some point in their marriage?? I know we certainly have. Couples often fight and argue, but just can’t figure it out by themselves.


I work with couples to restore their sex life after infidelity. Sometimes the infidelity involves a sexualized affair with another partner. Other times it involves pornography usage and self-sex (masturbation).

Sexual Difficulties

I also help couples where one or both of them are suffering from a sexual dysfunction (i.e.: erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, premature or delayed ejaculation. sexual aversion, infertility, inorgasmia or recovering from sexual trauma). I also help people navigate the transgender and same-sex attraction pieces of their lives. 

How do I help?

Relationship Assessment

First, I complete a relationship assessment. Often the relationship has been damaged by the sex life or lack thereof. Usually, I start with some marital sessions to bring about healing in the relationship and forgiveness for the past damage. At the conclusion of these sessions, we start a specific behavioral program of sex therapy. Sometimes most of the therapy can be done in couples’ sessions. But, there are times when individual work is necessary before working as a couple.

Sexual Assessment

When making the switch from marital to sex therapy, we complete a specific sexual assessment done to be sure we have clear goals for the individuals and the marriage to move forward in healing the sexual relationship. 

To Conclude…

This is a VERY short overview of what I do but I wanted to share it with you. Some of you have been suffering for years with sexual pain, infidelity, sexual addiction and you just didn’t know there was help out there. Please do not suffer any longer. God intended for you to live life to the full and that includes a mutually satisfying sex life with your spouse. 

Take the first step towards a better tomorrow, today.

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