10 Quick Tips for Disciplining Children

Shaun Lotter, MA, LPC
  1. Keep explanations simple and brief. Say less, do more. Let your children connect the dots and figure out the lesson they are learning.
  2. Be respectful in speaking to your children, modeling what you want from them.
  3. Your anger is a valid, but ineffective tool to modify your child’s behavior.
  4. Say only what you mean, always following through with what you say.
  5. Consequences should have a specific, targeted behavior.
  6. Disciplinary measures need a defined beginning and end.
  7. No bargaining or bribing to get a desired behavior.
  8. If immediate change in your child’s behavior does not occur, this does not mean discipline is not working. Change is only part of what you are after when you discipline. You are after a relationship; a secure stable parenting relationship with your children is established via discipline regardless of change.
  9. Enjoy your kids! Spend time playing with and getting to know them. Relationship will keep them from rebelling and keep you from getting resentful. This is just as important to effective discipline as the act of disciplining itself.
  10. Obedience comes before understanding.

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