21 Indicators You Might Be Depressed

Are you depressed?

Research suggests that at any given point in time at least one out of every 10 of your friends is depressed also. In today’s high stress, high pressure society depression is becoming increasingly common. These 21 statements adapted from Beck’s depression inventory will either feel like I’m reading your mail or make you extremely glad not to be depressed.

You might be depressed if any of these statements resonate with you:

1)     I feel sad, frustrated, or discouraged most all the time and I can’t seem to snap out of it.

2)     I feel pretty hopeless about the future. There’s not much to look forward to and I don’t see things improving.

3)     As I reflect on my life, I pretty much feel like a failure.

4)     I don’t get much enjoyment out of anything in life. I’m dissatisfied and bored.

5)     I feel guilty, a lot.

6)     It feels like I’m being punished, or will be.

7)     At best I’m disappointed with myself, at worst I’m disgusted and maybe even hate myself.

8)     I’m pretty critical of myself. I blame myself for nearly every bad thing that happens in my life.

9)     I think it would be a relief if I could just not wake up in the morning.

10)  I cry a lot, or at least I used to. Now I just feel numb. Couldn’t cry if I wanted to.

11)  Irritation and annoyance are constant.

12)  The people and relationships in my life have lost their interest to me.

13)  It’s hard to make decisions. Even decisions that seem like they should be easy.

14)  Unattractive.

15)  It is extremely difficult to get anything done. I have to push myself to accomplish anything.

16)  It is becoming increasingly difficult to get sleep.

17)  I am exhausted all the time. I feel too tired to do even things I used to enjoy.

18)  I either have lost my appetite all together, or can’t seem to stop eating.

19)  I’ve lost or gained 5-15 or more pounds lately.

20)  I worry about my health a lot.

21)  I’ve lost interest in sex.

If any of these statements sound all too familiar, you might just be depressed.  Don’t let that stress you out though. Depression isn’t a character flaw and it isn’t terminal. The good news is that depression is very much treatable. In most cases you can get back to feeling good relatively quickly. Connecting with a counselor or your physician is where feeling better starts.

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