For Organizations 

For Organizations

Invest in your team.

Whether you’re a church, mission’s organization, or business with Christian values – your organization is made up of people and when those people are struggling with anxiety, depression, marriage, or family struggles the mission of the organization suffers.

Help you can trust.

Our licensed counselors are also Biblically trained so we can help your team be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy in every area of their life.

Private and Confidential

Reaching out for help is scary. So often the stigma, fear of scrutiny or loss of position causes people to hide their struggles until they grow to a crisis.

Our confidential services make it easy and safe for people in your organization to reach out for help, before things become “a big deal”.

Worldwide Availability

Our online counseling platform makes Christian counseling provided by licensed professionals available anywhere in the world your team has an Internet connection.

Discover how MyCounselor.Online can empower your mission by caring for your people.

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